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 Everett True

15 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 28.06.11 – 05.07.11

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I think we’re going to be seeing Kreayshawn at the top for a few weeks yet. Either she’s immensely popular or no one could give a fuck about anyone else we write about. And yes, don’t worry. I am going to collect all those manifestos together in one easily manageable post.

I am a fraction disappointed at the lack of representation for female writers in this list. Time to get proactive again.

P.S. Three entries for the news about Rocking Horse Records.

1. Shut up about Kreayshawn being racist
I mean, isn’t hanging out with, and working with other races pretty much the dictionary definition of NOT a racist? (Kelly McClure)
2. Collapse Board manifesto number 9: Pitchfork, the betrayal of music & some great songs
You know what the biggest betrayal by Pitchfork’s editors is? They run with the crowd. They edit and commission and write by consensus. They leave no room for the maverick. They believe reviewing and writing about music should simply be shelf-stacking, accountancy. (Everett True)
3. Beyonce Is Not Your Enemy
Putting pop acts on will kill Glastonbury? This argument is getting old now. (Niall O’Conghaile)
4. From the archives. Pitchfork.
Let me run that line past you again. They can’t play. (ET)
5. Probably the Most Influential Manifesto of the Past 20 Years (see featured image)
Who started the fire? Arcade Fire did. (Wallace Wylie + ET)
6. A letter to SEQ: Rocking Horse Records
If Rocking Horse means something to you, you actually have the power to save it. (Andrew Stafford)
7. Another local record store may be closing…
“Recorded music is about as readily available as water, and not a whole lot more exciting.” (Lloyd Barrett)
8. Birth of an Abomination – Beck and the Ironic Persona
Beck clones were everywhere and in their wake they rendered passionate feeling an embarrassing personality trait. (WW)
9. Nathan Howdeshell – The Collapse Board Interview
I don’t view music as a competition at all. (Bianca Valentino)
10. Manifest This – Collapse Board exists to prove nihilistic fucktards like Morrissey wrong
If the obliteration of the distinction between (typically self-appointed) ‘experts’ and punters means that music withers from human society, then screw it, you know? It wasn’t worth having in the first place. (Tom Randall)
11. REVIEWED IN PICTURES Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop)

12. quite honestly, the worst fucking thing I’ve seen this year (Courtney Love in Venice)
You ain’t seen shit yet, chicken. You ain’t seen shit. (ET)
13. A Letter to Rocking Horse
That difference is the difference between a music industry and a music community. (Ben Green)
14. White America Reacts to the Death of Clarence Clemons Pretty Much Exactly the Way You’d Expect It To
R.I.P. Clarence. You deserve to be remembered as more than a symbol. You deserve to be remembered as a man. (Scott Creney)
15. Various – Rave On Buddy Holly (Hear Music)
Dignity is just an obstacle that keeps you from reaching your full commercial potential. (SC)

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