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23 of Bianca Valentino’s Favourite Jams of 2012

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By Bianca Valentino

I love finding new music and I love sharing it with others. I spend a lot of time seeking out new music. If anyone wants to trade mix-tapes old school postal style get in contact. For your listening pleasure…

The Skins (pictured above)
Ranging in ages 13-19 this band from Brooklyn is simply put: epic! Fresh, hard-hitting and soulful.

Rainbow Arabia
Driving electronic beats, exotic rhythms, Fever Ray-ish vocals and wah guitar, create an otherworldly dance party in a vintage pinball palace.

Melancholy pop with enough hope and cheer to not be a downer. One of my favourite finds of late. I adore PYYRAMIDS.

Le Butcherettes
Iggy Pop loves them. Henry Rollins loves them. I love, love, love them! Raw, passionate exciting rock’n’roll from humble beginnings in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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