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Zeitkratzer – James Tenney (Old School)

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Swells. Epic swells. Like an ocean. A harmonic ocean, seething with clusters of sound that emerge, crest and diminish in a hypnotic, lulling motion. Tenney revisited and re-imagined by Zeitkratzer.

Three works, paced and lacking urgency. ‘Harmonium #2’ broods with a growing unrequited tension. A set of arcs overlapping, mixing and evaporating across one another. ‘Tension’, ever growing tension – as if Herrman’s looping string cycles of a Hitchcock film were so very slowed. ‘Koan: Never Written A Note For Percussion’ a final sheering blast of tam tam, severing ears from their upper frequency hearing. Immersive and immersive – utterly elegant!

HERE — http://www.zeitkratzer.de/

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