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 Everett True

Song of the day – 489: Divorce

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Divorce the band

Fuck. This is incredible.

Some exploratory music is too mannered for its own good: no such worries here, such ferocity and menace of vision. The common way to describe a band like this is thus: create a sentence using the words “blender”, “Melt-Banana” (or “Boredoms” for you older noiseniks), “noiseniks”, “brutal”, “Glasgow”, “mind-melting”, “throw” and “totalfuckinggodhead” in some order or other, shake your shaven head ferociously from side to side in several minutes in tribute and go off down the canal to neck several bottles of.. fuck, I dunno… Jagermeister. But you know me. I can’t fucken do that. I’d be a fucken negative creep if I did that. (STOP IT! STOP IT!) Sometimes music catches me in exactly the right mood to listen to it, and this is one of those times:

That live video above, as cute and cuddly and polite as it might be, doesn’t do justice to the album that was throbbing its way through my menopause and pale stubbly legs a few minutes ago. That album is called Divorce, it’s out on Night School (and while we’re giving boring nibble-bite size chunks of ‘information’ away we may as well mention that the band is from Glasgow) and the way that jazz skronk sax solo bustles up all brawling and sprawling in the middle of the mighty tumbling album stand-out ‘Stabby (Stabby) Stab’ immediately put me in mind of such sophisticates as Norway’s The Thing… mixed in with such brazen and hurting and veins-laid-bare unsophisticates as Babes In Toyland, ansd it’s rare indeed I’ll tap the default button marked “Babes”, whatever lesser critics do.

Here’s the band’s website.

Here’s some of the older stuff:

Great fucken scream. Matched ably by the great fucken noisescape.

This exchange on Twitter pretty much sums it up:

Aye Tunes ‏@ayetunesblog
Starting an album with a track called Cunts in a Circle does rather let you know what you’re in for. Well played @divorcetheband

Divorce ‏@divorcetheband
@ayetunesblog ha! thanks. It’s a cover of a Nicki Minaj album track btw. x

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