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10 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 18.06.12 – 26.06.12

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Kate Nash

Had ourselves a wee bit of a break there. I had some marking to do, marking and moving house. The page views numbers held steady mostly, thanks to all the folk coming here looking for pictures of cows and grunge.

And then, along comes Kate Nash…

1. Song of the day – 464: Kate Nash (see featured image)
Some folk may contend she’s been hanging out with the wrong people recently. Not from where I’m sitting. (Everett True)
2. Hysteria. PMS. feelings? (Kate Nash | A Response)
It’s funny how a woman is slayed for expressing anger. I must be hysteric. PMSING HARDCORE. trying to be punk. How about I’m just sick of crap uninspired chart music, bullies and sexism. I’ve been hurt and I’m angry and playing bass and shouting about it makes me feel better. That’s all it is. And if that freaks people out then good. (Kate Nash)
3. 22 of Everett True’s favourite songs of 2012 so far
A little early, perhaps … but there’s always so much great music around the difficulty is documenting it all, giving it a fair shake. (ET)
4. The sacred cows of indie music – 2: The Fall » Dairy cows – The Fall
Dairy cows - The Fall
5. the greatest song of the grunge era did not come from the States » grunge
6. Song of the day – 465: Cats On Fire (+ some words on Pulp)
In their own way, they’re Smiths good: a backhanded compliment if ever I wrote one. (ET)
7. The five stages of fandom
I can sing ‘How Much Is That Doggie In The Window’ backwards: I’m sure somebody somewhere thinks that makes me the most awesome person alive. (Princess Stomper)
8. 5 bands from China you need to hear
It’s like that bit in Almost Famous when Penny Lane tells Patrick to put down the notebook, stop analysing and thinking about it and just let the emotion and energy of the music draw him in. That is China in 2012. (PS)
9. How to respond to a Pitchfork review
“However, if [‘Robocop 4 – Fuck Off Robocop’] is truly amongst the worst songs of the year then I am a giant bat and Pitchfork a cave into which I will shit golden effigies of your face.” (Andrew Falkous)
10. Collapse Board’s answer to the Moonrise Kingdom soundtrack
Yes, I am going to bend that spoon with my mind, so pay attention. (Hannah Golightly)

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