About Us

We are Collapse Board. We love music.

We have no fancy slogans or marketing speak. We love music, and we want to express that love, share that love, communicate that love in whatever way we can – through words, through visuals, through informed discussion and argument, through passion. Music is our lifeblood: it makes us want to fuck the world and give birth to a new breed. We are Collapse Board. We don’t believe we should be constrained by any artificial restrictions: if we want to express ourselves, we should be able to express ourselves. There is no right or wrong approach to evaluate music, only boredom. We want to fill the roaring silence that otherwise threatens to topple life.

We are Collapse Board. We love music. We are so far ahead of the pack it mostly feels like we travel on our own. We are taste-makers, insurrectionaries, artists, fools. The greatest thrill is discovering great NEW music, music that is new to us: whether it be from one second ago or 100 years. We have no fear of being thought of as not cool: cool is anathema to our breed.

We are Collapse Board. We are based in Brisbane, and thus have a Brisbane slant – but we also favour national and international music. We love No Anchor, Sarah Blasko and The Drones. We love Beaches, Kitchen’s Floor and Neverever. We love Woom, Alton Ellis, Dandy Livingstone, Sleater-Kinney and AC fucking DC. We love ABBA. We love Lady Gaga. We love The Saints.

We are Collapse Board. The idea behind this site is simple. The year 2011 sees the music industry blessed with countless hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts, grabbing the means of production with both hands, articulating their love through ‘the blog’. An idea struck us: “Why not aggregate these blogs together – not in a mealy-mouthed, half-assed corporate way – but in a way that reflects the thriving, changing community we find ourselves caught within, in Brisbane?”

So that’s what we’re doing. There are other fine websites in Australia dealing with music. We wish to add our voice to their voices, and shake stuff up a little – and give Brisbane and Queensland a little deserved boost while we’re here.

We are Collapse Board.