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Songs about Brisbane – 6: Rocketsmiths

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Rocketsmiths are my new favourite Brisbane band. Their new LP The Bones has taken over my life. Since we’re talking songs about Brisbane, we all know there’s going to be some ambivalence. I realise this is a blog about the promotion and discussion of our good town, but I’m not gonna lie, my relationship with Brisbane has been a turbulent one.

Enter ‘Demons’: the track I coincidentally love the most off The Bones, and one that resonated with my less-than-stellar experiences here. It is booze-fueled frustration, depression and hedonism all rolled up in the peculiar carnie-rock brand of strangeness that The Rocketsmiths are pumping out. “I think it’s this townMake sure it chews you up before it spits you out,” croons Dom Miller, the charismatic-as-fuck frontman, and if you’ve lived here for long enough, you’ll feel it too.

Here’s the first single from The Bones, ‘Underground’.

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