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10 future songs of the day

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Sky Needle

It isn’t easy running an internationally-ignored website. Sometimes there just isn’t time to feature everything you want to feature.

Here are 10 songs that didn’t quite make it into the series no one is calling inspirational – and yes, I am taking suggestions for future spots:

Sky Needle (ties in with fine new album Rave Cave)

  • Makes me proud to be living in Brisbane. Disorientates, always.  Makes me feel woozy, sea-straggling, inebriated. Lives, wobbles and oscillates in a world of its own making. Cuddly, like jelly.

Murkage (ties in with Hannah Golightly’s blog entry)

  • Nasty. Dark. Impenetrable, but not. Repetitive, but rightly so. Horrorcore. I’m whooping it up like a depressed coal miner.

Miss Li (not sure how I came to this, perhaps via Amanda Palmer? Not sure how much I rate this either)

  • Every female cabaret performer has a shy indie boy who loves them.

The School (ties in with everything I love)

  • Excuse me while I swoon. (Swoon. Swoon. SWOON.) I miss Cabaret Obscura … I so wanted to type Voltaire … just a little less right now.

The Flaming Lips with Yoko Ono

  • Sometimes, the concept is enough in itself. My head is still reeling from being around the psychedelic fountain.

Bambino Koresh (ties in with Tom Randall’s live review)

  • Pop music. Australian pop music. Heartfelt, pure Australian pop music. Heartland Australian pop music. Perfectly judged. Perfectly executed. This song is everything triple j is not.

White (ties in with Princess Stomper’s ‘China’ blog entry)

  • Something of an ambient techno song, according to its YouTube listing. Wow. Really? Sounds like the remnants of a civilisation’s machine age falling onto ceilings decades above my head, useless.  Jackhammers made of rabbit skin.

24 Hours (ties in with Princess Stomper’s ‘China’ blog entry)

  • Intense. Like vomit. Probably NOT named after The Chefs song.

Raw Geronimo

  • Mystery. Pretension. Eyelids flicker. If the T.A.R.D.I.S. made music …

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