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10 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 01-07.02.11

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Thought we might start up an email newsletter or Facebook page with these in. Anyone interested, please make yourself known.

1. Oh Lord. The shortlist for the AMP 2010 has just been announced.
Sally Seltmann stands no chance. Not indie enough. Not male enough.
2. The lyrics from the Number One song, halfway though each decade
“I’ma get, get, get, get, you drunk/Get you love drunk off my hump.”
3. more Red Bullshit. A further comment on the AMP 2010 shortlist.
In many countries, this would be considered to be little short of a national disgrace.
4. Song of the day – 273: The Lovely Eggs
This song deserves to be yelled from every rooftop in every street in Britain. Its lyrics deserve to be carved into every desktop in every schoolroom in Britain. Its tune should be yodelled from the terraces.
5. Song of the day – 274: The Dandelions (free download)
If this album doesn’t find a reissue within six months of this Song Of The Day going live, and thus is given a grading of 9.4 on Pitchfork three months after that, I’ll eat my fucking head. Seriously. My fucking head.
6. Float On @ The Hi-Fi Bar, 06.02.11
Despite a spate of flood-related fundraisers of late, Float On has the bragging rights of having the most high profile line-up.
7. ETCHI エッチ (see featured image)
Point two: CUTE?!?! Half of the DVD cover models weren’t even making sexy-face. They were making little-girl face. Eww?
8. 1001 Albums You Should Die Before You Hear, pt 4 » Korn – Issues
(this traffic is from Korn fans clicking on the cover jpg)
9. Women, Men, and Music: the XY factor (part one)
Throughout the evening I couldn’t help noticing that, although there were several women in attendance, every single raised voice in the room was male.
10. Music and the construction of female identity – Brisbane’s street press
Female writers are definitely visible. But they’re writing about men, almost exclusively. Where are all the ladies? I hadn’t thought about it at all before.

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