Everett True

10 Songs for Halloween

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Words: Everett True

Spooky papercut: Jad Fair

Just because.

1. The Cramps – Human Fly

(From YouTube) “Did he drink milk out of a shoe? is that what i just saw?…it was fucking perfect”

2. Sonic Youth – I’m Insane

Love starved backwood teaser farm girl hot eyed bride/Stone cold blonde a quivering menace atomic wallop wholesale murder

3. Boo Frog – Ghost Town

Boo Frog sent Isaac this song for Halloween. His verdict? “Not so bad.”

4. Beat Happening – Gravedigger Blues

No one’s scarier than Calvin Johnson when he chooses to be.

5. David and Jad Fair – Ghost Shout

From Halloween Songs on Thick Syrup Records

Siouxsie Sioux

6. Siouxsie & The Banshees – Mother/Oh Mein Papa

This one’s always stuck with me.

7. Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights

‘Hammer Horror’ superficially seems more appropriate – but this is way spookier. And better.

8. Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead

There’s a version with a video. Be warned. That version sucks. “Bella the Goose is dead.”

9. Killdozer – Hamburger Martyr

It’s my list. I’ll put in what the hell I want. Don’t listen to this on a weak stomach.

10. Monte Cazazza – Mary Bell

Fuck. I’m going to have nightmares tonight. (Check the back story to this.)

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