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15 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 06.07.11 – 12.07.11

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Turntable.fm Lou Reed

Another successful week for Kreayshawn, but it’s becoming a tad ridiculous. So I’ll list it, but start the countdown at the next entry. Very nice to see two CD reviews at the top – even though Lawrence English’s excellent primer probably deserves to be there. 

Shut up about Kreayshawn being racist
I mean, isn’t hanging out with, and working with other races pretty much the dictionary definition of NOT a racist? (Kelly McClure)

1. Washed Out – Within And Without (Sub Pop)
Music to make out to, I suppose. A collegiate version of Norah Jones. (Scott Creney)
2. Buzzcocks – A Different Compilation (Cooking Vinyl)
Just how hard do you reckon it’d be to put together an incredible Buzzcocks compilation? (Everett True)
3. A Young Person’s Guide To Hustling In Music and The Arts
Freelancing is about peaks and troughs and not everyone’s wave cycle is at the same frequency. (Lawrence English)
4. How To Be A Female Musician Starting Out
Expect to have more replies to your ‘I’m Forming A Grrl Band’ poster and online ads from men than from women. (Hannah Golightly)
5. why I love Bon Iver

6. Turntable.fm – A New Way to Experience Music (see featured image)
The internet is an amazing place. Turntable.fm just made it even better. (SC)
7. Molly Neuman — The Collapse Board Interview
Molly Neuman is one amazing lady! — a musician, the original Riot Grrrl, business woman and so much more. (Bianca Valentino)
8. Manorexia – Dinoflagellate Blooms (Ectopic Ents)
If Dinoflagellate Blooms was a child, it would be Elphaba from Wicked. (Princess Stomper)
9. Birth of an Abomination – Beck and the Ironic Persona
Suddenly, Beck clones were everywhere and in their wake they rendered passionate feeling an embarrassing personality trait. (Wallace Wylie)
10. From the archives. Pitchfork.
Let me run that line past you again. They can’t play. (ET)
11. Beyoncé – 4 (Columbia)
You may not hear a better heavy metal album all year than Beyoncé 4. (SC)
12. REVIEWED IN PICTURES Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop)

13. The Collapse Board Anti-Manifesto Manifesto
Am I the only one annoyed with the sudden blossoming of Collapse Board manifestos? (Joseph Kyle)
14. IN PICTURES: the final Collapse Board manifesto
sexism poster
15. Song of the day – 168: The Monster Women
… a little bit of the surf swagger of Dick Dale or perhaps my Eighties sweethearts, The Fizzbombs with their fondness for holding beach parties in the grey of Edinburgh winter. (ET)

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