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17 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 29.05.11 – 04.06.11

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It’s a welcome return to the top spot for one of Collapse Board’s house bands, Agent Ribbons. Incidentally, our readership figures are up at least 50 per cent from about a month ago. A post like Justin’s exhaustive breakdown of triple j’s radio plays by region, triple j vs the Brisbane Music Scene Part 2, would’ve made the Top 3 in April, easy. Great to see so many entries with a Brisbane, or Australian, focus. Little distressing to see so few female writers represented this week, however.

Oh, and that reminds me. I really must update that Cults chart.

1. Song of the day – 357: Agent Ribbons (see featured image)
I just listen to the music. Much as I love their two albums, their songs are better listened to in isolation. The magic is amplified. (Everett True)
2. REVIEWED IN WORDS Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Interscope)
Born This Way is Lady Gaga’s Be Here Now. It is bloated and too full of itself. (Scott Creney)
3. Everett True reviews Brisbane, pt 1: Epithets, Ben Salter
THIS WEEK: we’re not off to a good start. (ET)
4. Pop music vs the ‘classic’ Australian Top 10
Pop music that shits all over the tired, tepid male rock posturing of the other nine videos from a wonderfully giddy height. (ET)
5. R.I.P. Gil Scott-Heron 1949-2011
Don’t allow Scott-Heron’s expansive genius to be whittled down to who it influenced. Instead, approach it as necessary in its own right. (Wallace Wylie)
6. All 10 Collapse Board Cults album reviews in one easily searchable popularity chart
If pictorial reviews continue to be this popular on Collapse Board, I might start doing away with written reviews altogether. Which would be a shame because then you’d miss out on stuff like this, and this. (ET)
7. a review of Pulp from Melody Maker, 13.04.91
The introduction makes me want to crop my hair, start taking one teaspoon less in my coffee and laying out the satin sheets in readiness. (ET)
8. tUnE-YaRdS – w h o k i l l (4AD)
I do not feel inspired. Only exhausted. Everything feels forced, and dramatic simply for the sake of being dramatic. The more I listen the more her voice puts me on edge. (Brigette Adair Herron)
9. Mr Maps – Wire Empire (Lofly Recordings)
It’s a common complaint from music fans these days that many reviews are more about the reviewer than the music. (WW)
10. My Morning Jacket – Circuital (ATO)

This is music. It’s personal. It’s pheromones, not Trivial Pursuit. (SC)
11. triple j vs the Brisbane Music Scene Part 2
Maybe Brisbane acts are less careerist than their southern counterparts, playing for fun rather than playing the game and trying to move towards world domination. (Justin Edwards)
11. Death Cab For Cutie – Codes And Keys (Atlantic)
Like McDonald’s, Death Cab For Cutie is nothing if not consistent. (SC)
13. 10 REVIEWS OF THE NEW CULTS ALBUM – 7: the really bad review (U.S.)
Listening to Cults, I can only imagine that they have some great insider connections. (WW)
14. Everett True’s Australian Garage Rock Primer
There’s a good argument to be had for grunge beginning in Australia with The Scientists in 1979. Ask Kurt Cobain. Oh wait. You can’t. He’s dead, and even if he were alive, you reckon he’d want to hang out with a two-bit Vampire Weekend-loving scruffy-faced loser like you? (ET)
15. Tyler, The Creator @ The Zoo, Brisbane, 04.06.11
The Zoo may be the finest venue in all of Australia. It’s called The Zoo for a reason, and not just because there’s shit all over the floor and someone just gave birth to a litter of baby elephants. (SC)
16. Song of the day – 324: Eliza Doolittle
She’s like Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse rolled into one, not quite so threatening (Davy Jones to Amy’s Brian Jones). (ET)
17. An interview with Marlene Marder of Kleenex/LiLiPUT
Q: What do you recall from your first ever Kleenex gig? A: Very funny – a good party. We played our four songs – over and over again! (Jean Encoule)

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