Wallace Wylie

‘Blurred Lines’ and the Banality of Male Sexuality

‘Blurred Lines’ and the Banality of Male Sexuality

Part of the problem with ‘Blurred Lines’ is that it unquestioningly accepts its own worldview. It doesn’t think it’s controversial.


Why Titus Andronicus are the Most Important Band of 2012

Punk’s alive and the gates to Bangs’s Promised Land are open once again.

 Everett True

A list of 20+ performances that have shocked

I drew the line at coprophilia.

 Hannah Golightly

Moth meet flame | The joke is on me | Murkage | The Door

Is this what happens when porn goes mainstream? It winds up in your music collection.

 Hannah Golightly

Suck My Minaj

If Nicki Minaj wasn’t appearing to simultaneously appeal to primary school children and your lap dance-loving dad, she could be a role model for rebellion with her penchant for swearing like her breath depended on it. She sounds hardcore. She looks I-Don’t-Even-Wanna-Know-What-Core.

 Scott Creney

Scott Creney reacts to Pitchfork’s reaction to M.I.A.’s Finger

Ryan Schreiber should be, if not ashamed, then more than a little embarrassed at the moment. Calling someone an asshole for raising a middle finger to a Super Bowl camera when you run a website and a music festival that has no problem promoting songs about rape, misogyny, and homophobia is empty and pathetic.

 Wallace Wylie

The Weeknd – House Of Balloons / Thursday / Echoes Of Silence (XO)

Sex, drugs, more sex, more drugs, each song details another night of Bacchanalian excess with no redemption in sight. Are you ready to party?

 Mike Turner

Rear In Yr View 2011

Wild Flag’s debut album has taken women all the way to the top and proves they can write an album as uninspired, predictable, and shallow as any man.

 Everett True

the 20 most searched terms on Collapse Board (November 2011)

There are a lot of people out there looking for pictures of scary clowns and Rihanna in bondage.

 Everett True

Collapse Board Year One

You don’t have to work for them. You don’t have to write for them.

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