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20 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board | April 2013

20 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board | April 2013
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Another slow month, enlivened somewhat by the top two entries. At this rate, Collapse Board’s going to be less popular than The Legend!’s music – something I always figured was impossible.

1. A fitting playlist for her funeral | 30 Songs about Margaret Thatcher
Here’s what I’ll be playing, come the day of her funeral. (Everett True)
2. Song of the day – 572: Hot Fruit (see featured image)
The video is so striking, it’s easy to overlook how rad the music is. And the music certainly is rad. (ET)
3. A review of ‘Mosquito’, the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, based only on the press release
Nice to know there’s a deluxe album but it might as well be a complete fucking Smithsonian Library of Recorded Yeah Yeah Yeahs Burps for all it matters to us, as we sure as shit ain’t going to be hearing it any time soon. (ET)
4. Dear Bobby Gillespie | Re: ‘It’s Alright, It’s OK’: it’s actually really not
It’s leather trousers worn by men in pubs. It’s an OAP still piling the remainder of his hair into his Teddy Boy quiff, which has over decades thinned to the point where it’s just a flimsy hint, a ghost of a style. (Lucy Cage)
5. Christina Amphlett (1959-2013)
Chrissy Amphlett, lead singer of Divinyls, died this past Sunday. She was 53. Most musicians are lucky if they ever release a record, much less make the charts, never mind change the world. Ms. Amphlett, who left home at 14, accomplished all three. (Scott Creney)
6.This blog kills fascists.
The way The Smiths once covered their sleeves in 60s references, the way Wu-Tang Clan embraced the language and iconography of Shaolin, the way Oasis loved The Beatles, that’s the relationship Iceage has with xenophobia and white supremacy — it may not be the window, but it’s damn sure the drapes. (SC)
7. Secret Memo Regarding Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ Reissue Leaked
Our job is to retell the story, to reinforce the legends, to emphasise the inflexibility of the narrative. (Wallace Wylie)
8. A review of ‘Arc’ by Everything Everything that absolutely takes issue with everything the NME and the Tories stand for
The words come tumbling out of Jonathan Higgs’ mouth like so many bright bees, clouds and clouds of them buzzing about, so numerous and sharp such that their ingenuity, volume and ambition remind me of Joanna Newsom’s meticulous verses. He conjures up drone strikes, billionaires, footballers’ wives, broken war-heroes, landmines, volcanoes, rioters, pterodactyls, post-apocalyptic landscapes, revelatory visions. Not a waistcoat in sight. (LC)
9. That ‘difficult’ 11th album syndrome
I have tried to include albums generally viewed as ‘classic’, out of respect to Primal Scream’s tradition of reusing Rolling Stones riffs. (ET)
10. Deerhunter – Monomania (4AD)
I don’t like praising records for their focus and consistency — makes me feel like I’m in a corporate boardroom or something. (SC)
11. The Flaming Lips – The Terror (Bella Union)
It seems this experience has totally renewed my enjoyment of all that other Flaming Lips stuff that I play in the daytime. (Ben Green)
12. In Words: Dig It Up! 2013 – Hoodoo Gurus + Blue Oyster Cult + The Flamin’ Groovies @ The Tivoli, 18.04.13
They rocked like the remains of a teenage garage band they once were. They rocked like Girls In The Garage. Yes, that good. Sure, not all the set was golden but when it was golden it sparkled like spring rain. (ET)
13. the interview | Iceage want you to know that they’re not fascists
“The idea was to not to try to, you know, glorify violence or anything, we just thought it was a fun idea” (Carmen Juarez)
14. How to write a press release
“Why would we make this music that is The Terror – this bleak, disturbing, hopeless record…? I don’t really want to know the answer that I think is coming: that WE were hopeless WE were disturbed (but we didn’t have a longing to NOT be disturbed) and, I think, accepting that some things are hopeless…or letting hope in one area die so that hope can start to live in another?? Maybe this is the beginning of the answer.” (ET)
15. A review of ‘Wolf’ by Tyler, The Creator based only on the front cover
Ultimately, this cover is showing that Tyler knows. And he’s grown. Oh, how he’s grown. From chirpy chirpy creep creep to troubled young resentful mogul. (ET)
Working at Collapse Board isn’t all writing about bands no one’s heard of, not getting sent albums and being refused places on guest lists. Sometimes we get abused as “boring, self satisfied hipster cunts” too. (ET)
17. 15 bands for those who are sick of serious music
A recent Collapse Board article noted the preponderance of ‘serious’ music gaining popular critical acclaim. I found that interesting, since from my vantage point it appears that independent music is actually growing sillier, weirder, and more irreverent. (Erika Meyer)
18. Song of the day – 569: Ashley Eriksson
And now I’ve found this, and I’m more than happy. For this is how I remember Olympia, WA. Ask any of my old friends. Magical. (ET)
19. The Season of The Witch | 55 songs about witches
This, we’re told, is the Season of The Witch. I beg to differ, at least for the reasons given. I like witches. (ET)
20. Iceage | smart and naive can be a dangerous combination too
They’re Joy Division and they’re being treated like they’re Skrewdriver. Perhaps they’ve brought it on themselves, but I think it’s a pity. (Louis Pattison)

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