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21 femme-led pop/punk recommendations from Facebook – the Top 4

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Yes, it’s X Factor time over here at Collapse Board as we announce the Top 4 bands from the previous post, as voted for by YOU, our readers. The four bands, as promised, will feature in Everett True’s next ‘First Ladies Of Rock’ column for the wonderful Bust magazine. Unless, of course, the editors say different. Don’t worry if your favourite band has missed out. I’ll be taking forward another four into the following issue. Unless, of course, the editors say different.

P.S. We seem to have suddenly acquired a whole slew of readers from the Pacific Northwest region of the USA.


Morgan And The Organ Donors from Olympia, Washington
Peter D Connelly writes, “Morgan and the Organ Donors RULES!!! The Sonics? Seeds? Love? FUCK THAT SHIT–listen to the M.O.D.’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Weird TV from Olympia, Washington
Tobi Vail writes, “No one beats Weird TV live right now, the kids go nuts! literally swinging from the rafters!”

Son Skull from Olympia, Washington
Matthew Anderson writes, “To pit Sara Pete of Morgan and the Organ Donors versus Mary of Sun Skull in a vocal or soulful contest, is the equivalent of Mothra and Godzilla — Who do you wish for? These are the forces that determine my fate – I love them both. P.S. Please don’t kill me – I vote for both!”

Rackula from Hamilton, Ontario
Jason writes, “Rackula. Those chicks make my balls hide in the best way possible.”

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