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48 female-led pop/punk rock recommendations from Facebook

48 female-led pop/punk rock recommendations from Facebook
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I ask this question on Facebook: Can anyone recommend me some female-led indie/punk rock from 2014? And I get the following in response…

As with yesterday’s post, all of these come recommended – i.e. this isn’t just some random list of female-led pop/punk rock – but if they have stars next to their names it means I’m totally already digging their righteous groove. The only criteria for inclusion is that I mustn’t have written about them on Collapse Board already, which counts out the following suggestions…

She Makes War
Silver Fox
Mere Women
The Wharves
The Fireworks
Las Kellies
La Luz
The Lovely Eggs
Shannon And The Clams

…among many, many others.

VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITES, and I will write about them in a future column.



Beverley Kills

No Ditching

Alison’s Birthday

Lady Neptune


* As Ondas

The Ethical Debating Society

* Frau (free download)

* Good Throb (free download)

* The Tuts

* Hallie And The Annies (free download)

* Deers (free download)

* Hysterics

* The Drink

* Manflu

Rag ‘N Bone



The Girl Fridas (free download)

Men Oh Pause

High Tension


Stillsuit (free download)

* No Babies (free download)


Kill All Hipsters


* Bernays Propaganda (free download)


September Girls

* See Gulls (free download)

Sex Stains

Crazy Band

* Girlpool

* The Lovely Wars

* Cruising

Cherry Glazerr

Ex Hex

* Katie Eastburn

Former Careless Talk Costs Lives cover star.




* My Therapist Says Hot Damn (free download)

* Rattle

The Vinyl Records

Big Joanie (free download)

Keel Her

Good Throb live photography: Yellow Green Red

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