A Snore Just Like the Rest: Musical Superlatives for the Dissatisfied in 2012

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micachu poster and bear

By Brigette Adair Herron

I have heard the rumbling. Through a certain lens, it is possible to examine the state of music at the end of 2012 and logically conclude that the world will end with a whimper. I just don’t choose to see it that way. Instead I listened for rumbling, and I heard it. It was just audible under the Mumford and Gangnam Style Direction featuring a very special collaboration with your grandmother and David Byrne. I know you heard it too. Why trust your eyes when you can feel the ground shaking?

If I trust my gut feeling, or the occasional picture being knocked off of the wall, I would say that the rumbling is a sort of prophecy. A prophecy that tells of a giant winged snake that will fly across the skies of the world ridding us of all mediocre, unimaginative, and truly boring music. There will be no fiery deaths. Instead, the unimaginative mainstream will simply be ignored. Because isn’t that the way it has always happened in those rare points in time when something truly magical in music appears? You may not believe me. And if we are to judge my influence compared to my hits on Collapse Board, you can call me Cassandra.

The following list details the passionate musical warriors of 2012 — the glimmering hope of a less boring 2013.

Micachu & The Shapes

Never is 2012’s album of the year. I am not the only one who holds this opinion, especially not here on Collapse Board. I can draw a line connecting Swell Maps to Missy Elliot and another connecting Essential Logic to John Cage to Ramones. If you stare at this picture long enough and then close your eyes, the stars dancing behind your eyelids will be Micachu & The Shapes. Some will laugh at the noise they make, but they are sad fools and have plenty of unimaginative music to occupy themselves with. For me, Micachu & The Shapes represent the great final rumble that will topple all mountains around it. It will be effortless, and we will all swagger into 2013 accompanied by the scream of our handmade instruments and the sound of a small vacuum being turned off.

Holly Herndon

The musician with the most interesting thing to say in 2012 is Holly Herndon. Things get really interesting in this interview around the 3:10 minute mark. Movement is a must have, a must listen, a must hold in your arms and listen over and over again.

The Lines – Therapy (1981 reissue)

One of the amazing things about being alive in 2012 is the seemingly endless access to music. How wonderful and fortunate we are to have so much choice — the infinite reference points. Since time is irrelevant, I humbly submit The Lines so they might be discovered next year and the next year and the next year.

Deerhoof – Breakup Song

I like the sound of weightlessness. I like the sound of cerebrums like spiral staircases. It makes me feel like I can dance.

Well, shall we?

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat

I’m hypoglycemic. Maybe that’s why I think Ed Schrader is the best comedian turned musician of 2012. Almost as cool as The Legend! — but only almost.

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