Hannah Golightly

Cults vs Warpaint @ the Great Escape Festival 2011, Brighton, UK, 12.05.11

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by Hannah Golightly

I arrive in Brighton and the party is already in full swing. There’s an air of excitement throughout the city streets as seagulls fly overhead looking down upon the swarms of people everywhere drinking and talking outside packed venues. I am excited because something very rare is going to happen – I am going to see (for the first time) both of my favourite bands play live tonight. I must admit that I’m feeling a little nervous about pulling this off. Right after Cults finish their set, I will have to run all the way from the end of Brighton Pier to another venue in time to see Warpaint (above) – a band on the rise, who everyone is talking about.

I set aside my fears and collect my press pass. Then it’s time to meet with my photographer and have a well-earned drink. I’ve just travelled down from one end of the country to the other and it’s all go go go. Any band who can get me to leave north Wales to travel to the shores of Brighton must be pretty special. I’m ready to be impressed. Having checked into the Travel Lodge and got all dressed up, I am ready for my date with the night. In my hometown I’d get strange looks for what I’m wearing, but this is Brighton and everyone looks alternative and I blend in straight away. I can’t get over the number of hot men roaming the streets – they are everywhere and I don’t know where to look first. The sun is still in the sky and the beer tastes good. We finish up and set off for Horatio’s, it seems really early, but we have to dash if we’re to make it to see Big Deal – a grunge-inspired duo who are kicking off the evening in support of Cults.

The sky is blue and the pier looks magnificent: already lit up with strings of bulbs in gaudy colours of times gone by. The sound of the sea roars below as my stiletto heel slips through the gaps in the wood of the pier. I grab onto my friend’s arm and make it to Horatio’s but we’re late. It turns out that Big Deal have been and gone and the next band The History Of Apple Pie (otherwise listed on the programme as Special Guests) are hammering out some off-key garage band anthems played on bad equipment to the mixed reactions of the audience. Fronted by two girls, they catch my eye and I’m more than willing to like them, though I can’t get over their out-of-tune duel vocals long enough to really get into their sound. It seems that no one knows who they are and no one cares. People are here for one reason only: Cults.

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