Dimi Dero Inc. – Cremation Day In The Court Of Miracles (Merenoise)

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These four guys make sweaty and sexy rock with a chorus line aimed directly at your loins. When they push it into the red – as on  the album’s opener ‘Unfair Enough’ – it’s barbarous in the way Die Haut used to be. On the flipside, euphoria comes with that release-only distortion pushed hard through speaker stacks can hold. ‘Bored’ and ‘Euterpe’ are fine examples of getting the mix just right and sending it back at you with a dose of insouciance that the French seem to easily master.

Plenty of the music on this French band’s third album (released on local label Merenoise) harbours a dirty rock groove, but that’s not what makes Dimi Dero Inc. more than the long-lost Luxedo or The Surrealists – it’s the attack of a rupturing bass-line tightly wound around locomotive percussion. Plenty of moments swivel with a stovepipe swagger, but we’re not counting bad seeds or good sons – it’s just with that French accent and bursts of guitar that shoot like sheet lightning across the night sky, this is instantly familiar and yet exotically new.

Dimi Dero Inc. should be adopted by this country (we’re good at that), they should share the same podiums as The Drones or Beasts Of Bourbon and we should make the bars swell when they come to our town to remind us of how rock is done when it’s done oh so right! It’d be like selling ice back to the Eskimos.

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