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How to insult a music critic

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I find it incredibly insulting to be sent links to streams of music.

1. It doesn’t cost anything to send a download link for an MP3.

2. I don’t get paid for writing about music here – and yet there is still clearly some sort of financial or cultural gain to be had from having Collapse Board recommend an artist, otherwise why would PRs contact us? In which case, why are they treating us like shit before we’ve even had a chance to listen to the music? They want something that would, for example, cost a few hundred bucks if it was a professional writing a press release. They’re not even prepared to send a couple of worthless (monetary value) MP3s in return.

And I’m not even talking about stuff being sent out ahead of release ‘schedule’. But, if I was:

3. If record companies have that little respect for me they think I’ll ‘leak’ their precious fucking music then why contact me in the first place?

Retard cheapskates.


Collapse Board has been contacted a couple of times by the Digital Promotions department of a major Australian record company, wanting to know who we are and what we’re about so they can add us to their media list. They want quite a bit of info, actually. And if we can supply them with the requested info, then they “may be able to explore review opportunities”. They’re:

happy to send [us] our list of forthcoming albums. This doesn’t make them available for you to download however.

I feel so privileged to be part of this great music industry.


It’s simple enough. When you do ask music critics if they want to review your music, just give them the option of downloading it as well. Send a link to the Bandcamp or YouTube or whatever, sure. But also give them that option. It seems a fair exchange.

Thing is, I don’t even want the physical release, 199 times out of 200. I just want to be able to access the music without having to be tied to the Internet, and be able to go back and listen to it afterwards.

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