Killing Inside – Cavalera Conspiracy

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Kick me. I may be dreaming …

I have always been a fan of Cavalera Conspiracy. But I’ve been burned before. Many bands have stolen my heart only to leave me shattered as their albums become increasingly crap. So bad is this pain that I once vowed never to listen to anything a band releases after their second album. But I couldn’t avoid Cavalera’s highly popular new single ‘Killing Inside’ from their latest album, Blunt Force Trauma.

Cavalera has managed the near-impossible and created a second album that works. Some hardcore fans will  claim it’s not as good as the debut album, or anything the members produced separately. And they could be right. Certainly ‘Killing Inside’ isn’t as good as anything lead singer Max Cavalera created with Sepultura. But it’s got a unique charm with a bit of new flavour mixed in with the Cavalera sound we all love.

The song itself is a mixture of a heavy, yet simple drumbeat provided by the talented Igor Cavalera set off by a steady and dirty guitar by Marc Rizzo and Johny Chow. Then there’s Max’s dark satanic voice, both hoarse whisper and angry rant. What really caught the attention, however was the interlude. A beautifully constructed guitar solo brought back memories of nights spend rocking out to bands like Pendragon, Rhapsody Of Fire and Slayer. Over the top of this, Max recites Psalm 23:4. Not wholly original, this passage certainly gets a lot of airtime, but it still blends well enough for me to enjoy.

And I think that’s really what we can expect from Blunt Force Trauma. It won’t be anything unique or different but it will have enough of a twist to make it worth checking out.

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