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Kimbra. No. No, don’t Kimbra. Please don’t.

Kimbra. No. No, don’t Kimbra. Please don’t.
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Got to love pop artists who love Nina Simone. Without exception they miss EVERYTHING that made sweet fierce Nina so great. I suppose that’s what happens when you only hear music when you’re buying skinny lattes in a Melbourne Starbucks. Just because you’re good at warbling your scales in the bathroom doesn’t mean your music has substance.

Kimbra. She’s like Lykke Li, only really fucking perky.

This is what she thinks music should sound like. Nice to hear she’s lifted Nina’s backing in its entirety and just slapped her perky voice over it: kind of like she knows triple j listeners could never like music that could connect on any sort of level except novelty.

And this is what it COULD sound like.

See also Icehouse … I mean, Goyte.

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