Live at Frankly! It’s A Pop Festival

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Lawrence English is one of Brisbane’s Living National Treasures. ROOM40 is his place of work and it is unfailingly interesting if not really great. He curated this festival and it all fit together so well. I missed Crayon Fields but here are the rest of the acts. High Places and Surf City were my highlights.

For best results listen with headphones.

Fabulous Diamonds – Live @ Frankly! 2010 – 04 Sept 2010

Guy Blackman – Live @ Frankly! 2010 – 04 Sept 2010

Surf City – Live @ Frankly! 2010 – 04 Sept 2010

High Places – Live @ Frankly! 2010 – 04 Sept 2010

Xiu Xiu – Live @ Frankly! 2010 – 04 Sept 2010

I also know now, that based on T-shirt wearing,  No Anchor is currently the most popular band not named Powderfinger in Brisbane.

EDITORIAL DISCLAIMER: These recordings are intended for private enjoyment only, not for any commercial use. If anyone featured these recordings has any sort of objection to being featured thus, please contact us and we will of course immediately take the recording down.

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