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live recording of The Deadnotes + The Legend!

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I was quite proud of my performance the other night at The Zoo

Judge for yourselves whether I was right to be. Here’s a live recording.

Here’s what Rave Magazine had to say about it.

Describing the audience as sparse would be an overstatement, yet The Deadnotes & The Legend (‘The Ledge’ being music critic Everett True) appear unperturbed. A seasoned polariser with The Thin Kids, the bearded showman cuts a distinctive figure in his leather hat/“tourist” shirt/shorts combo as he booms out repetitious chants and rants along to wildly shambolic band accompaniment. With songs starting and finishing at odd moments, I feel like I haven’t been let in on an in-joke – but then, I already semi-knew what to expect.

Haven’t see that “Ledge” joke made for a couple of months.

And here’s what Time Off‘s Brendan Telford made of it.

The Deadnotes & The Legend! are up next, and what a lovely warped band they are. Starting off with some noirish throbbing bass and slinky sax, it isn’t long before The Legend quirks it up tenfold, often chanting like a drunken uncle doing karaoke at a BBQ. ‘I’m Not Joking Around’ evokes Gang Of Four’s Jon King, in his manic arm movements and vocal delivery, while the lyrics are steeped in a stream of consciousness repetition, with chanted vocal interplay proving to be sharp and impressive. ‘Don’t Dial Me’ is avant garde art punk, while ‘Hey You Arrogant Bastards’ sounds like an Antipodean version of Mark E. Smith. It’s a weird show, but a fucking ace one, and the band leaves having set the bar incredibly high.

Were the two reviewers even at the same show?

On Facebook meanwhile, Rene Schaefer writes, I like it. Sounds like a depressed Feargal Sharkey at times. (which is a GOOD thing)

Photography: Eugene Carchesio

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