Logan K. Young

Pretzel Logic – 5: In Concert: Brandeis University (Bob Dylan)

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by Logan K. Young

As any major dude will tell you: writing about music can be exhaustingly subjective.

So, Rikki, here’s your Logic 101 homework done for you. Easy A.


Bob Dylan, In Concert: Brandeis University (Columbia Legacy)

If given a choice between this half-an-hour album or its half-hearted liner notes, then I’d stop and ponder if life is even worth living. Ultimately, I guess I’d have to go with the latter. After all, Michael Gray did write The Bobbie Dylan Encyclopedia. Show some respect, for Chrissakes.

Let a = the Brandeis album

Have b = Brandeis, the notes

Allow g = Gray is a trusted authority on Dylan

Premise 1: (a ∨ b) → g

If Gray’s an expert Dylanologist though – on par with the old guard of Williams, Christgau, Marcus or even Yan Wenner – then don’t call me Ishmael because I must be the Queen of Albion.

So q = I’m the Queen of England


Premise 2: g → q

Of course, while I indeed was the ‘King Of Wishful Thinking’ (insofar as this one’s storied potential, while it sat gathering 40 years of dust on Ralph Gleason’s shelf), I can’t even command a Macintosh keyboard shortcut. My kingdom – a reasonable one where greedy, cash-strapped suits don’t re-purpose every gig, tune or fart Dylan ever made – is not of this world. Like the former Mr. Zimmerman heard here, I’m just a callow country boy.


Premise 3: ¬q

Thus, these liners b/w of a record from the rich man’s Phil Ochs suck giant, day-old matzah balls from the Brandeis student union. L’chaim!


[[(a ∨ b) → g] ∧ (g → q) ∧ ¬q] → ¬b

(4 out of 10 Booles for the essay; 3 outta 20 Freges for the record)


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