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Punk Rock song of the day – 398: Hive Dwellers

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Hive Dwellers

Dude, I am so freaked out by this performance. It’s as great a performance as I’ve seen. More punk than you’ll ever be, punk.

The lyrics alone make it a contender for whichever song of the year you want it to be song of the year of. (The following ARE the lyrics.)

Dull as a post
Lard ass

Walking abortion

Get in
Get in

I got internal bleeding and bad breath
An obsessive misfit with a sunken chest
Could you sell your soul for unrequited love
Or do what Jesus does?

Here it is with music, but damn it ain’t as punk rock. Though it’s still more punk then you’ll ever be, punk. Nice use of tree. There’s a great comment under this video on YouTube: “I’m impressed…30 years of practice and he still can’t sing!”

Wow. Talk about missing the point.

Here are some words someone wrote about me a few years back, shortly after moving to Brisbane. I never thought I deserved them. They totally apply to Calvin Johnson.

… you know the thing that clinched it for me with this guy is at a gig last night. Everett True was performing at this gig put on by one of my good friends and his slot consisted of him telling intertwining but seemingly random stories and then singing songs unaccompanied. The first set was funny and impressive, here was a guy way more punk rock and diy than anything I claim to be (in my head), having the balls to get up in font of strangers and sing when he clearly wasn’t born with golden tonsils. I thought he was cool before … now I thought he was the most awesome person in the whole damn room!

I don’t know if ‘Get In’ is still available as a 12″ over at K Records, but if it is, buy it! It’s so great, and totally different again. And it features this song on the B-side.

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