Review of Wolf-Wolf, Indiewolf, and Pearbear at TeenageHairWaste

Review of Wolf-Wolf, Indiewolf, and Pearbear at TeenageHairWaste
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The tram actually broke down on the way! Would you believe it?

So I missed the first three songs of the cinematic singer songwriter from Perth Pearbear. I walked into the room to swoonful swishy sounds reminiscent of Lamb but with beats somewhat similar to Deerhunter. Pearbear has been touring the east coast for a while know and growing a strong following among fans of indie-beat-post-pre-pop.  Her touching lyrics about the death of her great grandmother showed an artist with depth and experience, and at only 16 it is clear she is wise beyond her years.

When Grandma died it was a sad day
It didn’t rain by we cried anyway,
At the funeral the flowers were white
A truck sped past and gave me a fright

Powerful stuff! Up next were locals Indiewolf, this hard sounding loud band reminded me of Nick Cave in his Birthday Party days except but if he was on speed. The room was full of energy and the lyrics reminded me of the Rolling Stones except if Mick Jagger was a total drug addict.

Finally the band that we actually cared about and came to see came on stage finally. Wolf-Wolf are an original indie 4 piece from Melbourne. They borrow sounds from Nirvana, The Beatles, The Rollingstones and many other seminal bands. The lead singer Ted Wolf has played in many other indie bands including The Wolfnights, Statuewolf, and Wolfbabies, but finally with Wolf-Wolf he has finally hit his stride finally. The band all wore wolf shirts and black pants and obviously are a band into themes of night time debauchery. The band played there single which is on high rotation right now called “Metaphysical in bed” its sexy lyrical content clearly shows Ted Wolf’s vocal abilities. Ted Wolf is amazing on stage and his abilities as a front man are unquestionable in anyway. The rest of the band was good also.

Walking home from the gig I started to think about the solid future of indie rock as a genre and how interesting and different bands are.

5 Stars

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