RIP Toxic Lipstick

RIP Toxic Lipstick
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Australian music is a much less colourful place with the news that Toxic Lipstick have decided to call it day.

The sad goodbye came last Friday via a post on their Facebook page:

So tocky lippy is set 2 fadeaway, just like that awkward memory of some loser tryin to feel u up on formal night. We r lucky to have had the chance to relive and repurpose all the horrible, painful, hilarious and invented memories of our teenage years. Basically, it has been uncomfortable therapy for us lol with some great techno hits interspersed!!! So tbh, bein a gal is rly hard because everyone has an opinion on what u should be. Fuck that m8. Fuck feeling bad for being crude, dumb, sexy, cute, confused or sure! So much of our lives we felt those things! Why? Fuck that. Fuck feelin like u have to be anything 4 anyone but yrself and ya bestie! The expectations and actualities of bein a gal have affected us a lot in our lives, and tocky lippy was always a fun way 4 us to process a lot of that – n just take tha pizz out of what galz r ‘meant’ to be. So we r stoked some ppl were into it – we had lotsa fun – like sooo much fun lol — and seriously we hope gals can just enjoy their lives, be free and not have to always atone for their femininity, their history or the expectations that the world dumps on them. HAVE FUN and remember —- the only real diff between gals n guys making art n music — is that girls sit down to pee, but always have to spend lots of energy reminding ppl and assuring ppl that this is the main difference. Lol!!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxixix no excuses — do what ya wanna!!!! Girls don’t need dumb rules! U don’t need any cockhead bamboozling u about cables — u kno wtf is goin on!!!! Be fierce and smart 4eva! And have lots of lolzzzzzz cos life is tres short. And tres kawaii Xoxoxox

It seems wrong to describe the changes in Fortitude Valley over the last decade as ‘gentrification’, given what the place has degenerated into, but either way it’s a lot less of a fun place than it was when I turned up in Brisbane in 2005. For all it’s faults (and there were many), the Valley hasn’t been the same since the demise of Ric’s (yeah I know it’s still there but you know what I mean) and the loss of 610.

Even though they disappeared down to Melbourne a long time ago (possibly via Japan if I remember correctly), I don’t think anyone who had the pleasure of seeing Toxic Lipstick play will ever forget those times.

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