Rocky Road to Brisbane

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Honestly, at this point, who doesn’t love the shit out of celt punk? Not I, Rabbi. If you’re a youngin like me you were more than likely exposed to the Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly at some point in your youth and you caught that shit like a particularly pernicious venereal disease and you just can’t bring yourself to get that shot of penicillin because at this point the clap is as much a part as you as your bruised liver and gimp knee, both of which (ironically enough) are a result of a night watching one of my favorite touring bands, The Go Set.

Who are The Go Set? Why, I’m glad you asked. “Fucking awesome” is who. More specifically they are to Melbourne what DKM are to Boston, and then some. I’ve been lucky enough to catch their past three shows in Brisbane (thanks to Punkfest and Brisbane sounds respectively). Most recently, they played the Jubilee Hotel supported by D Rouser, Wheatpaste, The Black Market, Plan of Attack, and Mouthguard. All of which are fantastic outfits in their own right.

Its a throwback to blue collar, rowdy rock Australia lived for in the 80s, of course with a heavy celtic twist that makes them basically the biggest catalyst for liver failure since beer itself was invented. Particularly the song ‘Union Man’ doesn’t try to hide its inspiration in Midnight Oil and gives me the shivers like the first time I heard ‘Roll On’.

Seriously, how awesome is Chris Cheney.

Of course the crowd lives for the anthems, with Davey usually played last in front of a crowd the happiestsweatiestshirtlessmiddle class motherfuckers you ever laid eyes on. With the musical climate drowned in apathetic, minimalist, synth-laden wank I can’t say how welcome a change this band is. Check them out now, thank me later.

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