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six femme-pop recommendations from Tamsin

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By Everett True

So my friend Tamsin sends me an email. I like receiving emails from Tamsin. Often they’ll contain fine writing. Sometimes, they’ll contain fine music. Either way, they’re usually filled with fire and enthusiasm and sweet sweet music – and that’s just fine by me. This is one of the latter occasions. So I thought I’d reprint it here, and add my own comments:

My comments are pulled out as quotes (does it really matter? why not just go listen to the music?)

(Tamsin): You really need to hear these bands:

Norwegian, 2 girl guitar sex (& a boy on drums who doesn’t count). One of the best live bands I have *ever* seen. I saw them in France last week and I made out with a random Frenchwoman in the audience, got my bag stolen and ended up covered in bruises and it was totally worth it.

Watch this video to the end.

Here’s their website and ignore the idiot who says they’re a cross between Sunn O))) and the Bangles. John Robb says he likes them, though.

I’m not sure I can beat the description “2 girl guitar sex”. The red lighting makes it hard to work out what the fuck is happening. The sound is full of beautiful dissonance, and beautiful battered screaming and more beautiful dissonance, like all EMA‘s angels come home to roost. There’s an awful lot of glorious cymbal action, and what looks to be primal humping and grinding. Isn’t this the music David Cameron is attempting to ban, lest it whoop disaffected youth up too greatly? Wow.

The Give It Ups
Girl, boy sometimes shouty, sometimes sweet. Classic indie pop. You, Charlotte and probably the kids will love this lot. Everyone else will hate them (they have a song called ‘Dinosaur Song’). Go to this website and listen to all of the songs and download most of them for free.

Trev Odd Box tipped me off to this band a while ago. I do indeed like this lot. Their music is indeed free to download. They do indeed play classic indie pop somewhere in the vicinity of Dolly Mixture and Heavenly (when the lady sings) with a gentle web of [fill your own favourite band-name in here] thrown in; and somewhere in the vicinity of McTells or something all awkward and angular and alliterative (when the gentleman sings) . They do indeed have a song called ‘Dinosaur Song’. Sweet.

Sisters. Great pop songs.

Great pop songs indeed. Anyone in love with Ramones and hence in love with femme-pop (whether they realise it or not) will not be able to deny that.

(continues overleaf)

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