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Smells like industry manure | 30 terrible versions of Teen Spirit

Smells like industry manure | 30 terrible versions of Teen Spirit
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Vote for your least favourite.

1. Olivia Lawson
Is she crying? Please God, tell me she isn’t crying.

2. Daniel Johns
Once a smug self-congratulatory Chris Martin wannabe twathead, always a smug self-congratulatory Chris Martin wannabe twathead.

3. Miley Cyrus
She rocks like Courtney Love.

4. Imagine Dragons
…because Nirvana always were a crap metal band.

5. Tori Amos
In fairness, not as bad as Daniel Johns.

6. Matthew Mayfield
I’ve never heard of this cunt before and never want to hear of him again.

7. Diamante
Wow. Makes Miley Cyrus look sensitive.

8. Noah
You can just feel the angst.

9. Limp Bizkit
Will no one think of the children?

10. David Garrett
One word: smug twat.

Wait. That’s two.

11. Flyleaf
This one’s called “Smells Like Teen Spirits’…

12. Maybebop
Nathan Barley, come to life.

13. Yodelice
Why do these people even exist?

14. The Ukulele Orchestra
They should stick to playing their ukuleles. Not singing. And not playing their ukuleles either, now I think about it.

15. Phish
Phish cover ‘Teen Spirit’. Holy fuck.

16. Abigail
A particular favourite of mine.

17. Robert Glasper
Why do cunts think a piano is culturally superior to a guitar?

18. Paul Anka
White bread.

19. Bruno Mars
Sure, why not?

20. The Flying Pickets
Still pedalling the same unfunny joke, 30 years on.

21. Emmelie De Forest
Feel the emotion!

22. Tamara Wellons
It’s bad enough without the dancer thanks.

23. Take That
Let’s not forget Take That!

24. Kelis
No. Please don’t.

25. Casey Abrams
Oh, you wanker!

26. James Morrison
Oh, you double wanker!

27. Of Montreal
Like Deerhunter covering ‘Horses’.

28. 2Cellos
Smug dickheads = dickheads that are smug.

29. Dokaka
Bad beyond words.

30. Nirvana w/Joan Jett
Not bad, just average.

…and two good ones.

1. Scala & Kolacny Brothers
I’m a big fan of this bunch. They even make Coldplay sound halfway decent.

2. Little Roy
Very sensibly, the dub reggae dude left it off his killer album of Nirvana covers, Battle For Seattle.

…and one well worth seeing.

1. Kathleen Hanna

If only for the intro story.

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