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Song of the day – 166: The Concretes

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There’s a new Concretes album coming out. It’s been awhile. They’ve been off having kids, and meeting penguins. I still miss Victoria. I still like The Concretes, though.

This new album sounds muted. There’s a nice thumping bass that runs through most of the songs that reminds me of Blondie circa the instrumental section of ‘Heart Of Glass’ – and perhaps The Art Of Noise, but probably only because I’ve been listening to The Art Of Noise recently. It’s mellow. It’s seductive. It’s very Swedish actually. Perhaps this is the album that the Pipettes Mk 2 should have made? Disco, but not uniform. WYWH is all about being on the dance-floor, and being a little downcast while you’re wandering the dance-floor. It’s sumptuous but caught in the crossfire of loneliness. ‘My Way’ is my tip for a single. I like the new Concretes album for sure, but not as much as this.

There again, there’s little I like as much as that.

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