Everett True

eight ‘classic’ bands… a rejoinder

Julian says: “Everybody’s always like, ‘Oh yeah the music used to be better in the 80s’. No it fucking didn’t.” So what current bands are as good as The Fall, Joy Division, Buzzcocks, The Birthday Party or Dexy’s [sic] in their prime? Not to mention Blondie, Ramones, Jonathan Richman… (This comment originated on another post. I think it’s […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 166: The Concretes

There’s a new Concretes album coming out. It’s been awhile. They’ve been off having kids, and meeting penguins. I still miss Victoria. I still like The Concretes, though. This new album sounds muted. There’s a nice thumping bass that runs through most of the songs that reminds me of Blondie circa the instrumental section of […]

 Everett True

One-minute reviews – 2: Taken By Trees, Crocodiles, Heavy Trash, recs of the flesh

I think this series needs to be quite formulaic, with set criteria – like Joe Bob Briggs‘ series of Drive-In Movie Reviews during the 90s. Any suggestions? Taken By Trees – East Of Eden Lady from The Concretes gone solo voyages to remote area in Pakistan to make an album that sounds like lady from […]