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Song of the day – 110: Fabulous Diamonds

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Some great trance/psychedelia from Melbourne right here.

The duo’s new album, Fabulous Diamonds II is out any day on Chapter Music. And it’s a great album to fill in those roaring spaces in your head, and in the room. There appear to be no song titles on the album, which makes it difficult to recommend one in particular – and really, this music should be taken as a piece – but I’d go for “track 3” on their MySpace page. Possibly. It’s all quite motorik, in places. Voices and subtle tribal beats and you’re caught, trapped. I checked out a review on Mess And Noise to see if it would aid enlightenment, but no. Most music critics in Australia always attempt to describe the music – which seems a supremely silly exercise, bearing in mind the fact you can always listen to the music directly and immediately, and thus avoid trite metaphors. Few attempt to describe the experience, the other.

This is like diving through floorboards, wrestling with blenders, hurling a red balloon in the sky and watching as it becomes gradually captured by the clouds. Great, in a Love Of Diagrams/Electrelane way.

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