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Song of the day – 117: The Bobby McGee’s

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Love this band. One more reason to miss Brighton.

Here’s what I wrote about them a while back.

You need to be listening to this. It’s lifted my spirits so completely. I mean, it’s twee as fuck (to use the vernacular) but it’s a new form of twee, a new genre altogether – twee jazz. (Bugger it, wouldn’t you know that there’s some Dutch label going under that description.) And I’m not talking Marine Girls here (much as I might like to). Rather, it supplies a missing link that no one in their right mind would have wanted to investigate as lost in the first place – burbling and hibernating and covering itself all over with white face-paint and ukuleles in the space between Chris Morris, Clara Rockmore, Calvin And Hobbes, Dostoyevsky, Lonnie Donegan, Playschool and…listen, we could be here all night so if you don’t mind I’ll leave you to compile the rest of this list yourselves while I get ready for bed.

The best entry gets sent one free Legend! download. The second best entry gets sent three free Legend! downloads, etc etc.

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