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Song of the day – 127: The Thin Kids

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I’m running this to celebrate The Thin Kids nabbing the support slot on Kate Nash‘s forthcoming Splendour side-shows in Melbourne and Sydney.

Fair play to Mess And Noise for running a news story on this. At least they printed it, even if it was in tones of complete incredulity. Most would have ignored it. I’m just surprised that folk in Australia continue to be surprised that 1) I still know a few musicians, 2) a few musicians should like my music, and 3) a few musicians might want me to support them when they come across to Australia to tour. I have been around for quite some time, you know…

(And for the record, this is the fourth tour of Australia I’ve been offered as support. Family commitments have stopped me from taking up any of the previous offers.)

The Thin Kids – I Don’t Like What You Like/You’re Not From Queensland

P.S. Read the Mess And Noise story. Some of the comments are quite entertaining. And let me restate this for anyone who’s not been paying attention: I vastly prefer Mess And Noise to the majority of what passes for ‘music criticism’ in this country.

P.P.S. Here’s my most recent comment from that thread, in answer to the charge from Mess And Noise’s editor Darren Levin that I didn’t blog about bands from Brisbane, only about “NME this, or Franz Ferdinand that”.

If you can be bothered, you can do an audit on http://www.everetttrue2.blogspot.com (as my primary blogging outlet).

I’d be shocked if the proportion of Brisbane-Melbourne or Brisbane-Sydney or Brisbane-anywhere bands I’ve featured isn’t something in the region of at least 5-1… simply because this is where I live, and so I’m exposed to more music from Brisbane than anywhere else.
Shortly after I moved to Brisbane, and that whole ridiculous storm over nothing erupted over the fact I mentioned that I didn’t think the Australian street press was all that it should be, someone similarly attempted to call me out for a lack of support for Australian bands. This charge was excellently answered by a fellow Brisbane blogger at http://www.notaphoto.com/everett-true-vs-the-australian-music-press

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