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Song of the day – 157: Johanna Buccola

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Ah, this song of Johanna’s, ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, is just great.

Laidback, groovy. Turntable movements slipping in and out of view. A backing track that recalls ‘Us And Them’ from the Pink Floyd album I sometimes pretend I don’t own. Slipping through the other side of consciousness. Makes me think of Ann Magnuson and Kid Koala simultaneously. Can detect the hand of my old sparring buddy Steve Fisk in there somewhere. Spoken word, easy – mentions of emergency wards jar. No joking. Really ought to no messing about be on Ninja Tune or someone similar. Just killer, the pace, the beat, the mood, the lyrics, the flirting with disaster.

You can hear it on Johanna’s new MySpace page. And you really ought to no messing about should.

Johanna (sometimes known as MC Sweet Pea) appears to be a minimalist performance artist from Seattle and NYC or thereabouts. Here’s a video of hers I found at random on YouTube.

Marvelous, simply marvelous. ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ quite makes me want to go back and listen to Pink Floyd again, no disrespect to any of the concerned intended.

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