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Song of the day – 198: The Corin Tucker Band

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New music. From Corin Tucker. What more do you need to know? Me and my wife, we used to love Cadallaca, back in the day. Like a fun-time Portland party band with righteous vocals, a kick-ass drummer and the sweetest of Hammond organs. There were a couple of other bands too, but their names momentarily escape me…

Damn it, now I can’t stop listening to Cadallaca.

And now I’m reminded of something Corin told me when I last visited Portland, a few years back now, and stopped by her house to interview her husband Lance Bangs, a very talented man in his own right.

“I hated you for years, you know.”
Really? I never would have guessed (*sarcasm*).
“It was after you reviewed Heavens To Betsy really early on. You were so nasty to us.”
Really? That’s odd. Could’ve sworn I always liked Heavens To Betsy. Bratmobile, yes. I ragged on them, the way early Riot Grrrl seemed to exclude ladies over a certain dress size. (The operative word here, folks, being *seemed*.) But Heavens To Betsy… well, I’m surprised.
“Wait. I can prove it. I have the review here.”
So Corin reaches over for a scrapbook, finds the review, starts reading it and… sure enough, it’s a glowing endorsement of their music. Not a slagging at all. She has the good grace to look abashed.
“Uh. Sorry.”

Now, what was that other band’s name. Damn it, I just can’t recall…

Oh, wait. You’re wanting to know if I endorse the new Corin Tucker? Well, duh. It’s articulate and probing and tricky and breathless: it rocks, pauses for breath and then decides to rock some more. Short, sharp, staccato beats. Instruments I dare not name, for fear of being proved the charlatan I am. Songs about porches that rock. Songs about wild animals and separation that rock. Songs about thrift stores that rock. It features Corin Tucker. Do you really need to know anything else?

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