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Song of the day – 219: Sleepyard

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I’m listening to this, and I keep forgetting what it is I’m listening to. I keep thinking it’s some great old Pentecostal blues from Ray Charles, or someone (perhaps left over from yesterday’s Song of the Day entry). You can totally imagine him down on his knees in front of the congregation.

It’s not. It really isn’t. It’s the new single from Norwegian band Sleepyard, and it features quite an extraordinary vocal performance from Scottish singer Jim Shepherd (plus some Jelly Roll Morton-style piano from Mike Garson). I mean, Jeez Louise, I was fond of Jim’s 80s group, The Jasmine Minks – fond indeed, they spiced up many a night at Alan McGee’s Living Room with their fiery Mod-jagged polemic and blistering chords – but I never imagined he could sing like this. Go have a listen.

You can purchase the vinyl here.

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