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Song of the day – 236: Lanie Lane

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I picked this one up from a Collapse Board reader. The blues, but done fresh and done with humour – and with a fine female voice, and sympathetic (i.e. not overblown) production. From Sydney. The first video below is for Lanie Lane’s debut single, no less. Reminds me of ’16 Tons’ a little. Reminds me of a singer from the UK in the early 80s, Carmel. Carmel was great, while her instrumentation was unadorned and basic: stand-up bass and garbage bag dresses and (good) old school jazz percussion and 80s hair and a belter of a voice to manipulate the audience with. Covered one of her songs once, ‘Bad Day’. (No, I didn’t handle the female vocals. Oh wait. I did.) Sorry. Back to Lanie.

Anyway, here’s hoping Lanie Lane is Carmel’s equal. From the songs I’ve listened to on the MySpace, reckon she could be. She’s got a beautiful sense of pacing. A voice that is just so warming to listen to, so full of colour and playfulness. Reminds me a little of Collapse Board faves Agent Ribbons as well. All this is high praise. High praise indeed. Someone slap me round the face very hard if I forget to attend her next Brisbane show.

This is so good.

Here’s the Tennessee Ernie Ford song.

Damn, she’s incredible!

Damn, but she’s fine!

P.S. Here’s the Carmel song.

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