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Song of the day – 244: Arthur & Yu

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It’s a little bit Nancy & Lee. It’s a whole load The Mamas And Papas. It’s very Seattle.

Actually, Arthur & Yu are very West Seattle, now I come to think of it. This pleases me. I’d been wondering how to define the West Seattle sound for a while now. Which of course means that the influence of those suburban hippies Fleet Foxes is undeniable – yes, there are acoustic guitars: yes, it’s all very polite and summery and a little bit ‘folk’: yes, your folk probably wouldn’t ask you to turn it down. Once upon a time, this music would have come out of California, and it would have been immediately recognisable. Just goes to show that a city’s affluence can influence a city’s sound: man, they’re living in Seattle where it rains as much as Melbourne and Glasgow combined. What have they got to be so damn happy about?

I like this song anyway. Even if it has been made by a pair of suburban hippies.

Oh Lord. They’ve been hanging out with Iron & Wine, and The Shins. Forgive them Bangs, they know not what they do.

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