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Song of the day – 263: Tender Forever

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The deep bass throb of ‘Unfortunate Friends’ is the one that I really dig, but I can’t find the video – so trust me, or buy the album or something and find out for yourselves. The album is a fine album. It’s called No Snare. It’s on K Records. (And folk here surely don’t need reminding of how precious that label is to me?!) I was sent the 12-inch vinyl LP a few months ago alongside new albums from Jeremy Jay etc, in a rare written communication from Calvin Johnson… indeed, so rare I believe that it will cover me for this decade. This song is actually quite redolent of The Blow – no bad thing at all. At all. Wait a second… maybe it is The Blow? Hmm. I’m all confused being here in the UK. Whatever, dudes and dudettes.

The International Pop Underground marches on!

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