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Song of the day – 288: Rah Digga

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It’s that man Kulkarni and his recommendations again.I trust his taste, y’dig, y’all. I don’t believe in experts. I believe in critics with heart. I believe in critics who hurt. I believe in critics who fucken listen to music, and listen to music, and listen to music … not because they have to, or think it’ll advance their ‘careers’ somehow, but because they really have no choice. You have to keep the roaring silence at bay. You have to keep it at bay.

This is a fucken fine slice of rap, with some fine fucken female MC rapping over the top, all laid-back and sensuous like, with a meaty fucken bass that threatens to drop my bass Woofer right through the centre of my fucken desk, the way the motherfucker is moving around, jiggling back and forth, disturbing the precarious balance of piles of CDs and piles of paper. Sweet fucken video too. The lady MC once upon a time rapped with Busta Rhymes, but then went and had herself a child, and this is the title track from her first album since 2000’s… ah sheeit. Who the fuck am I kidding? Not myself, for sure. I just am groovin’ on the pace and the bass and sheer fine voluptuousness of the voice.

And yes, sheeit. I’m late to the call.

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