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Song of the day – 291: Analogik

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Some fierce wicked unexplainable indefinable jazz-orientated playful mashed-up Gypsy electronica with squiggles and the odd squirrel of meaning from Denmark – a bit like Kid Koala deadpanning that brass from New Orleans, but not anything really – comes teasing its way into my inbox and I need to know why.

These people. How did they find out my name? How do they know I like mischief? Did they know I once wrote a review of the Scatman’s debut album in – um – scat? Do they appreciate I like to feel woozy and bluesy and a little bit snoozy last thing at night? Why is the album called A Great Mix?

It’s Friday, which is Friday their time. That means I can enjoy surf guitar and klezmer and accordion and dance without shame.

They ask: Do you happen to know anyone else capable of mixing banjos, drum machines, suft guitar, hiphop and off-beat ska with bassy dubstep and gypsi jazz and a tiny drop of cowboy?

I answer: well, of course I fucking do – half the musical world that is routinely overlooked here at Collapse Board, for one. But I appreciate the spirit of wilful independence. And the countless fascinations. Sure I do. And I’m more than two-fifths way intrigued by their label Jenka’s assertion that, Analogik is one of the new and very unique bands coming from the vivid Danish independent music scene. Really? Someone hep me to this music, hepcats. I see no reason not to extend my geographical musical knowledge just that one country further.

Whatev’s.  Here’s the music of Analogik. Not the album I’ve been sent, but… whatev’s.

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