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Song of the day – 299: KIM

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A most excellent tip, following on from the recent wonderment of Lispector.

KIM is one boy, from Paris (via Cannes, Bordeaux). KIM is one boy, who sings delicately-spun entreaties with one eye on the dance floor – a little bit Jeremy Jay, a little bit Jeff Hanson. There’s a delightful lightness of touch: a melodica: the barest of bass lines. You can tell he loves Kraftwerk, Donna Summer, Godley & Creme – and if he doesn’t yet, he will. Guitars rock, like it’s still the 70s.  Guitars rock, like we’re all still dancing in our living rooms to Herman Düne. Colours are primary, bright. Speakers wobble like it’s the second Pipettes album. My tipster thinks lo-fi, but with a “more camp, disco vibe similar to recent Of Montreal”. Sure. ‘Stupid pop’. Let’s throw that into the mix as well. It’s all very uncool but as uncool has been the new cool for several years now it’s all very cool actually. Is that some Supertramp we hear in the guitar solo to ‘My Family’? Shh. Is that an omnichord? Hush now. Funk, like Chicago.

KIM sings in English, but we don’t hold that against him.

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