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Song of the day – 327: Herman Düne

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There’s a new Herman Düne album out. Holy crap, what? There’s a new Herman Düne album out? Whoa, fuck. I’d rip the whole fucking beast for you out of sheer excitement except a) I’m not going to. Whoa, fuck. A new Herman Düne album. No. I don’t think you understand. This is a MAJOR EVENT in the True Household, equivalent only to a new Harry Potter movie or chess club. Or meatballs. 

They have more harmonious fans than your band, for sure. Even at shitty music industry conferences.

I refuse to write about the new album. Not yet, anyway.

There’s a new Herman Düne album out. It’s called Strange Moosic, according to my iTunes folder. Whoa, fuck.

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