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Song of the day – 358: Sarah Jaffe

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Twitter. Gotta love Twitter.

“you probably already know of, but: Sarah Jaffe. God, what a voice.”

Damn straight, but thanks for the timely reminder. I didn’t know she had a full-length album out. I didn’t know it had been released a year ago, last April. I didn’t know it was called Suburban Nature. I didn’t know it had been produced by some dude from The Paper Chase. I didn’t know you could buy it at this website.

“I recmnd the song Before You Go to start. Rasping, heartbroken delivery & pistol shot drums. Brilliant.”

Great description. You think I’m going to pass that up? No fucking way dude. Not when it’s someone whose taste I already know and trust.

“I know this is possibly very wrong to say out loud, but her voice is very fuckable.”

No. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Least I don’t think so. You can’t really objectify a voice, can you? I suppose you could project and then objectify but you’d already be using imagination and taste not societal conditioning. I’m not going to join in and agree, though. That would be creepy, all dudes together projecting. Or something.  I just like the rasping delivery – I had to act out a ‘rasp’ to my son earlier, who’d never encountered the word before: maybe I should have played him some of Sarah Jaffe’s music. And I love the pistol shot drums. Or should those ‘love’ and ‘like’ signifiers be placed the other way around? Whatever. I don’t think it matters too much. We all know where I’m coming from. And it ain’t Sicily.

Both Lou Barlow and Norah Jones like her.

And me, Everett True, as well.

P.S. Don’t confuse Sarah Jaffe with Sara Jaffe. Although I did for a moment, of course. Equally as brilliant, but in an entirely different way.

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