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Song of the day – 370: The New Sound Of Numbers (a love song to Athens GA, part four)

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The New Sound Of Numbers

Bah. I’m going to drag myself away from the new Beyoncé album long enough to tell you about some other righteous dance music going down out there.

  • My man in Athens GA tells me that this is Hannah from Supercluster.
  • It features most of Supercluster in its line-up, including Vanessa on backing vocals.
  • This means nothing to you, right?

The New Sound Of Numbers. They don’t stand much on convention. They’re too busy being busy. They hit a motorik groove, like Quickspace or Neu! or La Mômo or someone left-field like that, and stick with it until it no longer feels any good. Look at them dancing below. Look at the patterned dresses. If they were from Australia they might sound a little like Love Of Diagrams. (Just think of me as your retro portal. I’m cheap at no price.) But they’re not. They’re from Athens GA – home of Pylon and The B-52s – and so, irretrievably, sound like this. Man, one day I’d love to front something like this … except, being male, I could never sound as great as this. Those flat-out female harmonies, that use of silence.

Is that a cow bell? No.

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