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Song of the day – 376: EMA (Nirvana cover)

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EMA @ Horatio’s 14.5.11

Sorry to start throwing slightly random posts at you, but I’ve always seen one of the many functions of music criticism is to act as a gateway.  And I know it seems like I’ve become fixated on Nirvana all of a sudden – what with this, and this (and this) – but I think the analogy of flipping over a rock holds here: also, don’t you think it’s about time it happened? That band did once mean an awful lot to me.

This is about as great as it gets. EMA covering a Nirvana song (the first time she’s played it) and sounding precisely – if not deliberately – like Kim Gordon fronting a particularly beautifully brutal wash of noise from Sonic Youth. This makes an awful lot of circular sense, when you think about it. There’s a lot of demented distracted feedback and the sudden squalling sounds of guitars and amplifiers being abused. Sweet.

The video is coming soon: but here is the audio.

As I wrote a few months back about EMA:

Every morning, just to wake myself up and remind myself I’m alive, I like to stare into the abyss.

Photography: Izzy Beaumont

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