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Song of the day – 403: Date With Elvis

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Recommendations, I can take. It’s a fine line between being terminally annoying and really helpful but I’m glad that folk are still willing to risk ridicule to try.

I received the following via Facebook yesterday.

Dear sir, I’ve been following Collapseboard now since its inception. Well played, well played.

I think I remember meeting you once in Seattle. I remember you saying how awesome it was to come to Seattle and get so much free booze and food because you were from England.

I wanted to bring your attention to a fine young lad I met last month in Marseille, France. My band opened for him in a small club there and he absolutely killed it. His name is Yohan. I thought you’d appreciate his music, his vigor, and perhaps even his Gibson Firebird through a Fender twin for all it’s worth. You gotta give a look at a 22 year old kid from a city gaga over Reggae who names his band after a Cramps album. I told him they’d probably love him in Austin. He had no idea what this Austin place was. I told him Texas and I don’t think that helped situate it in his mind any better, probably just confused him more. Anyhow, he is fresh a ready to rock it. Just needs a few “established folks” to pay him some heed. I know he is looking for a label as well. I have never written a letter of recommendation like this before in my life. I feel like such a sleaze. But in this case I don’t regret it at all. Yohan is really amazing and he even bought me a bottle of Rose wine before I played. There you go.

Thank you for your time Mr. True!
Bobby Wane

Here’s Yohan, in his glory. The songs are bluesy, stripped-back and loaded with the same latent energy and understanding of primal rock’n’roll that first attracted me to Dan Sartain. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you … Date With Elvis. You can hear a Cramps influence, sure: but it’s not overladen. If they stick around, they’re gonna throw up a few comparisons with a certain Detroit two-piece, but again this is misleading. There’s a freshness present, a verve that is belongs entirely to Date With Elvis. Great use of dynamics.

The following song is taken from the seventh Cramps album that gave this dude his band name.

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